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Stoneware Pottery is located at 1080 Taylor Street in Punta Gorda Florida. Studio 1 was established  by Master Potter Jack Vartanian in 2010. Studio 2 was designed in December

2013. The pottery studios are intended for experienced potters to  create and design original handmade functional and decorative wares.  All pottery is handmade,  glazed and fired on location. Each piece of pottery is  made from high fire stoneware clays. Each pot is a one of a kind creation, thrown on a potters wheel or hand built  construction. We pride ourselves on the  quality of our work especially in the glazing process which separates us from any other pottery.     


There are 19 potters from all parts of the country producing a variety of works that are unbelievably impressive and reasonably priced. This collection of pottery, decorative and functional makes great gifts for any occasion.  Each studio has a showroom with the potter’s work for sale. The inventory includes mugs, casseroles, bowls, vases, platters, planters, candle holders and many more unique items. Our pottery is food safe, lead free, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.      



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